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Patricia L. Naegele
2005 - Ms. Naegele, a resident of Midland, MI donated $3 million to Northwood University, Midland, MI to renovate residence halls and for other projects. Ms. Naegele, who is a member of the university's board of Trustees, is the widow of Robert Naegele, a group vice president and director of Dow Chemical Company. He died in 2000.

Patricia N. Nanon
2006 - Ms. Nanon made a pledge of property valued at $2 million to The Yard, an artists’ residence and performance venue on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, in Massachusetts. She is the founder and artistic director of The Yard (Chilmark, MA).

Evelyn Stefanson Nef
2003 - A psychotherapist and author in Washington DC, Ms. Nef donated $3 million to the Austen Riggs Center, Stockbridge, MA to promote research and professional development related to psychotherapy.

Wilma Wise Nelson
2000 - A $2 million bequest from the estate of Wilma W. Nelson of Shoreline, WA went to the University of Louisville, KY for unrestricted use.

Josephine Louise LeMonnier Newcomb
(1816-1901) Washington & Lee University, the Confederate Orphans' Home (Charleston, SC) and $100,000 to create H. Sophie Newcomb College of Tulane University in 1887

Violet Newton
1999 - Donated $1 million to the State University of New York at Buffalo to endow scholarships at the School of Pharmacy. Mrs. Newton of Bradenton, FL is a retired banker and widow of Cecil Newton, a pharmacist and store manager at the Walgreen Company.

Myrtis L. Nims (Jeri)
2002 - Donated $10 million to the University of New Orleans to endow 20 scholarships in the art program and to help construct an art gallery.

Jo Bowen Nobbe
2004 - Mrs. Nobbe bequeathed $16 million to the Community Foundation of Sarasota County, in Sarasota, FL where she endowed a fund for scholarships and educational programs. Wife of the late Allen Wirtz Nobbe, a lawyer in Washington, Ms. Nobbe died in January 2004 at age 92.

Marjorie J. Norick and Frances Norick Lilly
2002 - A $2 million pledge from Marjorie Norick and her late sister, Frances Lilly of Oklahoma City will go to Oklahoma City University to establish an arts scholarship fund and a fund to help construct and maintain an arts center. Their family owned a printing company in Oklahoma City.

Betty Moroney Norsworthy
2003 - Through a charitable lead trust, Ms. Norsworthy donated $2 million to the Dallas Zoo to build an otter exhibit. She is the granddaughter of George Bannerman Dealey, who was president of the Dallas Morning News. Ms. Norsworthy died in 2001 at the age of 83.

Katharine M. Norton
2002 - A resident of Rapid City, SD, she made a $1.3 million bequest to the University of South Dakota (Vermillion) to endow a scholarship for undergraduate students from South Dakota. A 1936 graduate of the school, her late husband was a geologist.

2001 - Ms. Norton donated $1.3 million through her estate to the University of South Dakota for scholarships.

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Agnes K. O'Donnell and Margaret E. O'Donnell
2000 - Sisters and schoolteachers residing in Northampton, MA, they bequeathed $2.4 million from their estates for endowment to the Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts.

Rosie O'Donnell
2001 - A $1 million donation from comedian rosie O'Donnell has gone to the American Red Cross, Washington, DC for the group's disaster-relief fund to aid victims of the New York Trade Center terrorist attacks.

Kathryn O'Keefe
2000 - A 1939 graduate of Hollins University, Roanoke, VA, she donated $1 million to her alma mater to establish the O'Keefe Chair in Communications Studies.

Mary Bryant O'Neal
2001 - A $1.2 million bequest from Mrs. O'Neal went to the Danville Area Community College Foundation (IL) to establish the Mary and Frank O'Neal Library Endowment to support the library of the Danville Area Community College. Mrs. O'Neal died in 2002 at the age of 76. She and her husband owned Woodbury's Book Store in Danville.

Deb Olson
2001 - Ms. Olson donated $1 million to Mount Marty College for religious studies and philosophy.

Pam Omidyar
2006 - Ms. Omidyar donated $1 million to the Friends of the World Food Program (Washington, DC). She is the founder and chairwoman of HopeLab, a nonprofit organization in Palo Alto, CA that develops technology to help chronically ill children through food aid operations in Darfur, Sudan. She is the wife of Pierre Omidyar, founder and chairman of eBay.

Anne F. Oostendorp
2008 – A pediatric radiologist, Dr. Oostendorp left a $2 million bequest to the Christian Reformed World Missions (Grand Rapids, MI) and Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (Grand Rapids). The gift will support Christian education in ministries and will be divided evenly between these affiliated groups. Dr. Oostendorp died of cancer last year at the age of 66.

Geraldine Nesbitt Orr
1999 - Gave $3 million to Wilkes University (PA) for the capital campaign. Her father-in-law was Abram Nesbitt II.

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Silvia Balslew Page
2004 - Donated $1.5 million to Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland) to establish a professorship in ophthalmology.

Mary Joan Palevsky
2006 - A Los Angeles philanthropist, and former wife of computer tycoon Max Palevsky, Ms. Palevsky donated $200 million from her estate to the California Community Foundation. The fund supports the arts and human development, including community revitalization, education and health care. The gift was made without stipulation, and it came as a surprise since her only other donation to the foundation was $2,200 for a shortage of textbooks in the Los Angeles public schools. Ms. Palevesky gave more than $9 million over the years to the University of California at Los Angeles and donated a collection of about 650 Islamic art objects to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in 1973. Her will leaves $1.1 million to the museum, $1 million each to Mount St. Mary’s College, the National Partkinson’s Foundation and the United Negro College Fund. She also left 40 smaller bequests to other organizations.

Lizzie Pitts Merrill Palmer
(1838-1916) Founder, the Merrill Palmer Institute of Human Development and Family Life (Detroit)

Dorothy Dent Park
2004 - Ms. Park of Ithaca, NY donated $7 million for the School of Business at Ithaca College, NY. Ms. Park's late husband, Roy, founded Park Communications in Ithaca and served as chair of the college's board of trustees for many years.

2003 - A $5 million gift from Ms. Park will go to the North Caroline State University (Raleigh) to support a new alumni center.

Dolly Parton
1997 - A $100,000 gift toward the construction of a new birthing center at Fort Sanders Sevier Medical Center, which serves the eastern Tennessee county of Sevier where Parton grew up. Parton made the contribution after learning that the hospital's 150 employees had already pledged $80,000 and the hospital's volunteers had pledged $100,000.

Genevieve Patrick
2000 - Her bequest of $9 million to the University of Vermont will endow scholarships and research in health and the environment. Her late husband, Robert, was chairman of Rock of Ages Corporation.

Alice M. Keesberry Paulsen
2003 - Ms. Paulsen donated $2 million to the Wellness Community-Central Indiana (Indianapolis) through a bequest in the form of a charitable lead trust. The center provides support services for people with cancer and their families and friends. A resident of Indianapolis, Ms. Paulsen died in January 20002 at the age of 96.

Adele Warden Paxson
2001 - Donated $7 million through a bequest to the Academy of Vocal Arts (Philadelphia) for endowment and renovations. Her mother, Helen Corning Warden, founded the school.

Theodora Peigh
2006 - A rancher in Reno, NV, Ms. Peigh donated $12.6 million to the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California-Davis to set up an endowment for student scholarships.

Florence E. Perry
2001 - Ms. Perry donated $10.5 million to Purdue University for a chair in mechanical engineering.

Susan L. Perry
2005 - Baker University (Baldwin, KS) received a $1 million donation from Susan L. Perry to endow a professorship in the history of the American West. A resident of Albuquerque, Ms. Perry has served on the university's Board of Trustees.

Helen K. Persson
1999 - A former opera singer, and resident of North Palm Beach CA, Ms. Persson donated $1 million to the Palm Beach Atlantic College (FL) to help construct a facility for the music program.

Carroll McDaniel Petrie
1999 - Mrs. Petrie's $3,000,000 bequest will endow the School of Music at Converse College (SC). Her late husband, Milton, founded Petrie Stores Corporation.

Margaret Thiele Petti
2002 - Owner of a restaurant in Portland, Ms. Petti donated $4 million through a bequest to the Oregon Health & Science University Foundation (Portland) to support corneal research at the University. The bequest will endow chairs in ophthalmology and corneal service at the Casey Eye Institute.

Jo Ann and Sherrill Pettus
2000 - Donated $2.5 million to Southern Methodist University for a chair in American political economy.

Vera M. Pfeiffer
1999 - Made a bequest of $2,000,000 from her estate to the University of the Ozarks, AK to provide low-interest student loans. A resident of Bella Vista, AK, she was executive secretary to the oil executive L.H. Wents.

Joan Galbreath Phillips
2001 - An alumna and former chair of the board of trustees at Ohio University (Athens), Mrs. Phillips donated $41 million to help renovate the university's stadium. She is a resident of Columbus, OH. Her husband was J. Wallace Phillips, a lawyer for John W. Galbreath and Company, a real estate company founded by Mrs. Phillips' father.

Edna Bennett Pierce
2000 - A resident of Wilmington, DE, Mrs. Pierce gave $2.5 million to West Virginia University for programs and graduate scholarships at the Department of Chemistry and at Eberly College for the university libraries. Her late husband, C. Eugene Bennett, was a chemist and real estate developer.

Karen Pittelman
1999 - The Chahara Foundation was created and endowed by Karen Pittelman in 1999 when, at age 25, she gained control of and dissolved her trust fund. Ms. Pittelman donated a $3 million inheritance for the benefit of women and girls who have known poverty. The fund's mission is to support radical grassroots nonprofits run by and for low-income women in the Boston area. The foundation is now run by a board of women activists with low-income life experience. Ms. Pittelman has transitioned out of the foundation.

Grace M. Platzer
1996 - A $1.25 million estate gift to Catonsville Community College in Maryland from a woman who never attended a class at the school. She grew to love the college when she attended U.S. Army band concerts and college theatricals there.

Joanne Pochobradsky
2004 - Ms. Pochobradsky left a bequest of nearly $3 million to Coe College (Cedar Rapids, IA) for academic programs and endowment. A paralegal and 1948 graduate of the college, she died in 2003 at the age of 76.

Grace M. Pollock
2006 - Mrs. Pollack made a $15 million gift to the Lion Foundation in the Camp Hill School District, Camp Hill, PA designated for the performing arts programs at Eisenhower Elementary School. A resident of Camp Hill, Mrs. Pollack was a model and Broadway dancer. She was married to S.W. Pollock, a mechanical engineer who worked on the Manhattan Project. He was later vice president at AMP, in Harrisburg, PA. Mr. Pollock died in 1997.

Dorothy A. Pontious
2004 - A 1935 graduate of the college and former employee of Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Ms. Pontious donated $1.5 million to Chatham College (Pittsburgh) to endow a faculty chair.

Lois Pope
2002 - Ms. Pope donated $2 million to the Disabled Veterans' LIFE Memorial Foundation (Washington) to help build a memorial in Washington to honor America's disabled veterans. Her late husband, Generoso Pope Jr. founded the National Enquirer.

Kitty King Corbett Powell
2004 - A 1938 graduate of the college, Mrs. Powell donated $3 million to Sweet Briar College (VA) to renovate and expand the library. Her late husband, Ben, was executive vice president and chief counsel for Brown & Root.

Nancy Priest
2001 - A resident of Westfield, NJ and a university trustee, Ms. Priest donated $1.5 million to Drew University, Madison, NJ to build a rotunda and entrance to a new arts center.

Susan Pritzker
2005 - Ms. Pritzker, a resident of Chicago, donated $3 million to Pitzer College (Claremont, CA) for a new residence hall. Ms. Pritzker is chair of the college's Board of Trustees, and her family owns the Hyatt Corporation.

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Liliore Green Rains
1986 - Estate gifts to:

  • $40 million to California Institute of Technology

  • $40 million to Loyola Marymount University

  • $40 million to Pomona College

  • $40 million to Stanford University

Rosemary Raitt
1996 - More than $1 million to Pepperdine University (CA) from this member of the Board of Regents and co-chair of the capital campaign. She was the first person to establish a scholarship at the University's Malibu campus and has made other gifts over the years.

Helen Walker Raleigh
2006 - Ms. Raleigh, who died in August of 2006 at the age of 87, left a $10 million bequest to the Rhode Island Foundation, Providence, RI. The gift includes $3 million to support research on and treatment of macular degeneration, and $3 million to support humane animal care, programs and services and “no kill” shelters. An additional $2.5 million will support conservation of indigenous trees in Rhode Island. Her late husband James C. Raleigh was a real estate appraiser in Providence, RI. He died in 1997.

Marjorie Rawlins
1996 - $1 million to the University of California - Irvine to establish the first endowed chair in the School of the Arts. In 1995 she donated $1 million to support undergraduate scholarships in piano, violin, viola and cello.

Sarah E. Johnson Redlich
2007 - Donated $10 million to St. Lawrence University (Canton, NY) for the Science building which will be named after her. She also donated $1.8 million toward the position of department head in the Department of Conservation Biology. Ms. Redlich graduated from the university with a bachelor’s degree in biology in 1982. She is the owner of Spike and Annie, a children's clothing manufacturer and retailer in Burlingame, CA. Her husband, Christopher, is the chairman of the Marine Terminal Corporation, a company that manages stevedores and terminals in Oakland, CA.
2005 - Ms. Redlich donated $2.5 million to the Ethel Walker School, Simsbury, CT to construct and endow a riding ring and to support the school's capital campaign. She is a trustee of the school.

Elizabeth Mills Reid
(1858-1931) The American Red Cross and the Mills Memorial Hospital in San Mateo, California

Mary Bryan Reitch
2001 - A resident of Wood County, TX, she left $3.9 million through her estate to the Texas Woman's University in Denton, TX. She was a 1928 graduate of that University, then called the College of Industrial Arts. She died at the age of 92.

Betty Rendle
2000 - A $1,000,000 bequest from her estate will establish an athletic center and scholarships at the University of Wyoming. She was secretary to former Wyoming governor Stan Hathaway.

Margaret Rey
For her ninetieth birthday, the co-author of the "Curious George" books made two $1 million gifts - one to Beth Israel Hospital (Boston) and one to the Boston Public Library

Inger Rice
2006 - Pledged $2 million to Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond) to help construct an education outreach Building at the Niger and Walter Rice Center for Environmental Life Sciences. Ms. Rice and her late husband donated 343 acres to the university to build the center. Mr. Rice was a senior vice president at Reynolds Metals in Richmond and an ambassador to Australia.

2001 - Ms. Rice made a $4 million pledge to Virginia Commonwealth University. The donation consisted of land valued at $3.2 million and a charitable lead trust expected to generate $1.8 million for the university.

Shirley H. Richards
1999 - A $1 million bequest to George Washington University (DC) will fund scholarships for graduate students in anthropology, geography, history, political science, and sociology. Ms. Richards worked in the university's admissions office.

Barbara Richmond
1999 - A $2.8 million bequest from the estate of Barbara Richmond of Easthampton, MA, a philanthropist, will endow a professorship in the humanities and a professorship in the social sciences at Smith College (MA).

Florence Rigdon
2000 - Donated $1 million to California State University to construct the first building at the university's Coachella Valley campus. She is a dressmaker and painter.

Kathleen A. Riley
1999 - A $1 million bequest from the estate of Kathleen A. Riley of Charleston, SC went to Furman University (SC) for scholarships for women who major in pre-medicine and sciences. She was a retired dermatologist.

Marilyn Whitsitt Rinehart
2006 - Ms. Rinehart donated $2 million to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to endow a professorship in natural products chemistry. She is the wife of the late Kenneth L. Rinehart, Jr. a professor of chemistry at the university.

Ann S. Riwchun
2001 - At her death in 1999, a $1 million bequest from this former president of the Buffalo Association for the Blind went to endow the Meyer H. Riwchun Professorship of Ophthalmology. The bequest honors her late husband, an ophthalmologist who maintained a private practice and taught at the university.

Sylvia H. Robb
2007 - Left a $1.8 million bequest from her estate to the University of California at Irvine. Her gift will endow a discretionary fund at the School of Medicine and will support the university’s library. Ms. Robb died in 2006 at the age of 97

Lora Robins
2000 - A resident of Richmond, Mrs. Robins gave $7 million to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (Richmond) to design, install and maintain a three-acre sculpture garden next to the museum. Her late husband's family founded the A.H. Robins pharmaceutical company.

Abby Aldrich Rockefeller
(1874-1948) Co-founder, the Museum of Modern Art in New York

Grace Crum Rollins
2000 - A $5 million gift from Grace C. Rollins of Atlanta went to Emory University to establish the O. Wayne and Grace Crum Rollins Endowment Fund. She is the widow of O. Wayne Rollins, who founded the Rollins Company, a consumer-services company that includes the subsidiary Orkin Exterminating Company.

Deborah A. Bricker and Kelly A. Rosen
2001 - A $1 million gift went to the Goodman Theatre, Chicago from Mrs. Bricker, chairman of the theater's board and her daughter, Kelly A. Rosen. The gift will support a theater program for children.

Elizabeth M. Ross
2001 - Donated $10 million to the graduate school of Ohio State University for the heart hospital in honor of her husband, Richard M. Ross, an alumnus and former president of Ross Laboratories in Columbus.

1999 - Ms. Ross donated $10 million to Ohio Wesleyan University to establish an art museum. She is the widow of Richard Ross, former president of Ross Laboratories.

Violet Bica Ross
2004 - A retired teacher, Mrs. Ross donated $3.5 million to Washington & Jefferson College (Washington, PA) for its capital campaign. Her husband founded the L. Clayton Ross, Company in Ohio.

Louise Rossi
2007 - Ms. Rossi, who died in February 2007 at the age of 99, had worked as a bookkeeper for the C.L. Taylor Electric Company, St. Helena, CA. She bequeathed $12.5 million to the University of California - Davis through the sale of her ranch for viticultural research. This gift will be used to purchase equipment for the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science, will create one or more professorships, and will endow research on improving the production and flavor of grapes and wine. 

Pleasant Rowland
2001 - Through the Pleasant T. Rowland Foundation, Ms. Rowland donated a $2 million challenge grant to Ten Chimneys, the historic Wisconsin estate created by theatre legends Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne. Ms. Rowland, who recently retired from Pleasant Company, is the creator of the American Girl brand, a line of books and products dedicated to teaching young girls about American history. She is also a major supporter of the arts in Wisconsin, and has had a life-long interest in the preservation and restoration of historic properties.

1999 - A resident of Madison, Wisconsin, and founder of the Pleasant Company which manufactures the "American Girl" doll collection, Ms. Rowland donated $5 million to the Chicago Botanic Garden to create a new garden and visitors' area.

Barbara Peterson Ruhlman
2003 - Made a $1 million pledge over five years to establish an endowed chair in outdoor education at the Laurel School for girls, Shaker Heights, OH. Half of the gift will come from a foundation which was established by Mrs. Ruhlman's father. She is a member of the school's Board of Trustees and president of the Thomas F. Peterson Foundation in Cleveland.

Jean E. Russell
2008 – Made a $2 million unrestricted pledge to Cornell College (Mount Vernon, Iowa). The gift will endow a professorship in molecular biology and will be used for unrestricted support. A former professor at Washington University in St. Louis, Ms. Russell graduated from Cornell in 1965 with a bachelor’s degree in biology.

Wanda Russo
2001 - A resident of Fairfield, CT, Mrs. Russo donated $1 million to establish the Robert D. Russo, Sr. Scholarship Fund at Fairfield University, CT. The Fund honors her late husband, a former chairman of the radiology department at St. Vincent's Medical Center in Bridgeport, CT and a former university trustee who died in 1999.

Yvonne Arnoult Ryan
2001 - A former professor at Dillard University in New Orleans, Ms. Ryan died in 1999. She received a bachelor's degree and master's degree from Tulane University, where she endowed a professorship for $2.3 million

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Margaret Olivia Sage
(1828-1918) The Russell Sage Foundation (NY)

Sarah H. Sayler
2001 - Donated $3.3 million to the League for People with Disabilities (Baltimore, MD) in memory of her late husband, Monroe H. Schoss.

Karla Scherer
2006 - Donated $1 million to endow lectures and programs for the Chicago Humanities Festival. She is a former director of the R.P. Scherer Corporation in Troy, MI.

Shirley Schlafer
1997 - $2 million to the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (Michigan)

Katherine Hackstaff Schlegel
2006 - A Los Angeles resident, Ms. Schlegel died in 2003. She left a $15 million bequest to Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, CA for an endowment to be named for her father, John D. Hackstaff, who died in 1960. The majority of funds will endow scholarships ($10.2 million). Another $2.2 million will endow the Jacobs Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership.

Madeline Thomas Schneider
2005 - Mrs. Schneider, a former technical aide at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, left a $25 million bequest to the Findlay-Hancock Community Foundation in Findlay, OH. The gift will establish a fund to benefit civic and nonprofit organizations in Hancock County, OH. She bequeathed an additional $5 million to the Culver Academies that her husband attended and $2.5 million to the Blanchard Valley Health Foundation, Findlay, OH. Mrs. Schneider, who died in January 2005, made the money through her investments in stocks and bonds.

Eleanor Busch Schnitzel
2007 - A former administrative engineer and resident of Newburgh, NY, Ms. Schnitzel left a $41 million bequest to the Lenoir-Ryne College (Hickory, NC). The gift will endow its library and enable the college to join the Appalachian College Association. A 1940 alumna of Lenoir-Rhyne, Ms. Schnitzel graduated with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. She died in 2005 at the age of 86.

Margaret Schreffler
2006 - Mrs. Schreffler made a $2.3 million bequest for a field of interest fund to benefit elderly people through the Centre County Community Foundation, State College, PA. A resident of Pleasant Gap, PA, Mrs. Schreffler died in 2001 at the age of 99. She worked with her husband in the family's trucking and automobile business.

Jean Schulz
2007 - Ms. Schulz donated $4 million to Sonoma State University (Rohnert Park, CA) for its capital campaign to build a music center. She is the widow of the late cartoonist Charles Schulz, creator of the comic strip Peanuts. Ms. Schulz earned a bachelor’s degree in English from the university in 1968. She is the president of the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, CA. The Schulzes previously gave $1 million to the music center project.

Margaret K. Schumo
2005 - Donated $4.8 million to fund a new fitness center at Albright College, Reading, PA. She is a real estate developer and owner of Spruce Lane Development Company in Hamburg, PA.

Sara Lee Schupf and her mother, Tillie Lubin
1995 - An unannounced amount to fund a professorship at Skidmore College (NY) to be called the Charles Lubin Family Chair for Women in Science. Ms. Schupf said she hoped the chair would strengthen the science faculty at Skidmore. Only women in the hard sciences are eligible. "The way to encourage women to go into science is to have role models."

Marcelle S. Schwartz
2006 - Ms. Schwartz left a $1.5 million bequest to the City of Hope Cancer Center in Duarte, CA. The gift will support cancer research on the immune system. A travel agent who lived in Los Angeles, Ms. Schwartz fought breast cancer during her own life. She died in 2005.

Marie Schwartz
2006 - A former reporter at the Washington Post, Ms. Schwartz donated $1 million for a contemporary art gallery housed in the lobby of the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. Ms. Schwartz serves on the opera company’s board of directors. Her husband, Arnold Schwartz, was the founder of the Paragon Oil Company in New York. He died in 1979.

Dorothy McIlvain Scott
2006 - Donated $10 million to the Baltimore Museum of Art to endow operations and programs for its collection of American painting, decorative arts and sculpture. She donated much of her own art collection to the museum in 1981 while supporting the design of a new gallery space for those works. Ms. Scott inherited her fortune. She has been a trustee of the museum since 1977.

Ellen Browning Scripps
(1836-1932) Scripps Institute of Oceanography Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation Scripps College for Women

Eileen Sears
2005 - Ms. Sears, who died in 2004, left a $3.8 million bequest to the University of Dayton (OH) to augment a scholarship fund that she and her husband had started. She was a teacher of music and education in the Dayton Public Schools and at the University of Dayton. Her husband also taught at the University of Dayton (his alma mater) before working for Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

Zelda E. Segal
2003 - Ms. Segal, who died in February 2003, donated $3 million through a bequest to establish an endowment for educational programs at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, New York.

Florence Davis Sewell
2001 - Mrs. Sewell set up a charitable remainder trust worth nearly $24.9 million, which will benefit eight Chicago charities. She died in 2000 at the age of 95 and was married to Ike Sewell who founded the Pizzeria Uno, Pizzeria Due, and Su Casa restaurant chains. The Northwestern Memorial Hospital Foundation will receive $6.15 million to endow the Florence and Ike Sewell Museum in the hospital's main building. Other Chicago groups that will receive portions of the bequest include the Fourth Presbyterian Church, $4.92 million; Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, $3.96 million; the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, $2.46 million; the Chicago Historical Society, $2.46 million; the Art Institute of Chicago, $1.23 million; the Lincoln Park Zoo, $1.23 million; and the Illinois Masonic Medical Center Foundation, $1.23 million. The Multiple Sclerosis Society, in New York, will receive $1.23 million.

Mary A. Shanley
2001 - A native of Fort Myers, FL, and a former office manager, Mrs. Shanley made a $2.5 million bequest to the Southwest Florida Community Foundation, Fort Myers. Her late husband was an engineer. The fund will provide college scholarships to students who graduate from high schools in Lee, Charlotte, and Henry Counties.

Pauline Agassiz Shaw
(1841-1917) Causes ranging from women's suffrage to the kindergarten movement

Muriel Siebert
Siebert Entrepreneurial Philanthropic Plan

Luella Slaner
2003 - Ms. Slaner made a $1 million bequest to the Asian Studies program at Purchase College of the State University of New York.

Helen Farr Sloan
2007 - Ms. Farr, who died in 2005 at the age of 94, left a $6.9 million bequest of cash and artworks to the Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington, DE. A painter, Ms. Sloan’s gift will endow the curation and educational programs of the museum. Ms. Sloan’s husband John was a prominent painter who died in 1951.

Bertie Deming Smith
2005 - A resident of Alexandria, LA, Mrs. Smith pledged a total of $6.5 million to spur funding for an ambitious ten-year strategic plan called "Composing Our Future," at Mary Baldwin College (Staunton, VA). The first installment of $2 million will be spent on campus planning and facilities. Having attended Mary Baldwin for two years in the mid-1940s, Mrs. Smith is the sister and aunt of women who are also alumnae. She is a trustee emerita of the college's board of trustees, having served for more than 30 years until 1996. Among her many gifts, she and her family established the first endowed chair (business management) created by a women's college in the South in 1979. The Bertie Murphy Deming Hall Fine Arts Center on Mary Baldwin's campus also bears her name. Her father was the founder of Murphy Oil Corporation. Mrs. Smith is now married to Joe Smith, former Publisher of the Alexandria Daily Town Talk in Louisiana. 

2005 - Ms. Smith donated $6 million to Tulane University (New Orleans) for endowment and for the Murphy Institute of Political Economy. A resident of Alexandria, LA, Ms. Smith is a member of the Tulane University President's Council. Her late husband, John W. Deming, was a 1944 graduate of the Tulane Medical School who served on the university's Board of Administrators.

Claries Smith
1999 - The University of Maryland at College Park received $15 million from Clarice Smith, an artist and art collector, to endow the Center for the Performing Arts. The facility has been named in Mrs. Smith's honor and will house the university's dance, music, and theater departments. Mrs. Smith's husband, Robert, a real-estate developer in Arlington, VA, gave $15 million in March 1998 to endow the business school.

Mignon C. Smith
2005 - A $5 million gift from Ms. Smith of Washington will establish a chair of integrity in Business at the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa. Ms. Smith's father was president and CEO of Avondale Mills, a textile company that has operations in several Southern states.

Sarah Horne Smith
2007 - Ms. Horne left a $3 million unrestricted bequest to the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta. A portion of the gift ($200,000) will endow a scholarship for Moving in the Spirit, a local arts organization. Ms. Horne died in 2002.

Sophia Smith
1871 - $393,105 to create Smith College in Massachusetts

Vera C. Smith
2007 - Ms. Smith left a $4.3 million bequest to Joliet Junior College Foundation, Joliet, IL. Ms. Smith, who died in 2006 at the age of 102, was retired director of admissions and records at the college. Her bequest will create an endowment for scholarships and programs.

Susan Weber Soros
1993 - To Bard College Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts; also in 1996 she and two fellow Bard trustees - Richard Fisher and Leon Levy - gave a total of $42 million to the college for its endowment.

Catherine G. Spaar
2001 - A $4.4 million bequest from the estate of Catherine G. Spaar went to Tulane University, New Orleans, LA for scholarships in engineering and to renovate the engineering facilities. Her late husband, William H. Spaar, worked as an engineer in the US Army. Mrs. Spaar who died in November, 2000, was a resident of San Antonio, TX.

Janet Wittan Spear
2001 - A resident of Gastonia, NC, Ms. Spear donated $1 million to Hollins University, Roanoke, VA for the biology department. She is an alumna of the university who ran a flower shop in Philadelphia.

Velma Speight-Buford
2003 - North Carolina A&T State University received $1.1 million in land and other assets from Velma Speight-Buford, a retired high school teacher and former director of alumni affairs at the University.

Hilma Speights
2005 - Ms. Speights left a $4.1 million bequest to Clark College Foundation (Vancouver, WA) for nursing education. Ms. Speights, who died in 2004, was a resident of Washougal, WA. She spent most of her career working for Alcoa.

Ellin Leslie Prince Lowery Speyer
(1849-1921) The New York League of Women Workers, the Working Girls' Vacation Society, the Nursery for Colored Children and the New York Women's League for Animals

Lauren Spilman
2005 - Made a $70 million pledge to the Cleveland Clinic with her mother Sydell Miller and sister Stacie Halpern, for a new cardiac center. Ms. Spilman's parents founded Matrix Essentials located in Solon, OH. Her father, Arnold, died in 1992. The firm manufactures hair and beauty products.

Margaret McCormack Spool
1999 - A donation of $1.25 million from Mrs. Spool to Montclair State University (NJ) established a professorship in chemistry. A mathematics and science teacher, she is the widow of Herman Sokol, former president of Bristol-Myers.

Lucile Spriggs
2007 - Ms. Spriggs left a $1 million bequest to the University of Wisconsin at River Falls to support scholarships for students who demonstrate leadership skills. She was a 1938 alumna of the university, graduating with bachelor’s degrees in social students and English. Ms. Spriggs died in 2005 at the age of 88.

Irma C. Sprinkle
2001 - Former assistant to the president of Marion College and former assistant to the dean at Emory and Henry College, Emory BA, Mrs. Sprinkle donated $1.3 million to Hampden-Sydney College (VA) to establish the Willis McCollum Sprinkle scholarship in memory of her late husband. He was a medical doctor and a graduate of Hampden-Sydney.

Frances Anderson Stallard
1999 - Mrs. Stallard of Richmond, VA died in 1999 at the age of 91. She made a $1 million bequest for endowment to Bluefield College (VA). Her late husband, Beecher, was a lawyer and served in the Virginia House of Delegates.

Mary Jane Stamm
2008 – Left a $6 million bequest to the Oregon Health and Science University Foundation (Portland) to support scholarships for medical students. An obstetrician and gynecologist in Castro Valley, CA, Dr. Stamm graduated from the university in 1943 with a medical degree. She died in 2007 at the age of 91.

Jane Eliza Lathrop Stanford (1828-1905) and Phoebe Hearst
1900 - "Two Women's Gifts of Twenty-Five Millions" was the headline of a newspaper article describing the gifts of Jane Stanford and Phoebe Hearst to Stanford University

Mary Wallace Stanton
2004 -Through a bequest of $2.34 million, Ms. Stanton of Baltimore endowed professorships at the school of medicine at The Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore).

Jean Louise Stellfox
2005 - Ms. Stellfox, who died in 2003, made a bequest of $1.5 million to Dickinson College (Carlisle, PA) to sponsor writers to speak at the college. Ms. Stellfox taught English at a high school in Shamokin, PA. She made her money from investments.

Dorothy Stentz
2005 - Ms. Stentz of Carmel, CA left a $4.7 million bequest to the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Boston) for general support.

Caroline Phelps Stokes (1854-1909) and Olivia Egleston Phelps Stokes (1847-1927)
The Tuskegee Institute and the Phelps-Stokes Fund

Barbara Streisand
1993 - Her twenty acre, $15 million Malibu ranch to the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy. More than $50 million from The Streisand Foundation to various causes and organizations.

Judith Sulzberger
2005 - Along with her sisters Marian Heiskell and Ruth Holmbert, Ms. Sulzberger donated $4 million to the City University of New York for scholarships for students attending its new graduate school of journalism. The donors are sisters of Arthur O. Sulzberger, the retired publisher of The New York Times, and are making the gift in his honor. They also donated $4 million to Columbia University in New York City to establish a program that will provide advanced management training to executives of news organizations.

Margaret Surbeck
2002 - A resident of Atherton, CA, she donated $2.1 million from her estate to Northwestern College (Iowa) for scholarships. The gift will expand a scholarship established in 1984 by Mrs. Surbeck and her late husband, who was a lawyer in New York.

Ann Swindells
2005 - Donated $5 million to the Church Divinity School of the Pacific (Berkeley, CA) to endow a chair in Old Testament Studies. Ms. Swindells is a resident of Portland OR and Rancho Mirage, CA. Her husband, Bill, is a retired executive of Willamette Industries, the lumber products company in Portland, OR.

Valeria Symington
2004 - A farmer who died in Leesburg, VA in August 2003 at age 87, Ms. Symington left approximately $19.5 million to five organizations, including $2.5 million each to Temple Hall Farm, the Oatlands Plantation, The Ida Leed Recreation Center, Loudoun County Day School, and the Rust Library all located in Leesburg. The residual trust of her estate, which is valued at approximately $7 million, will be settled within the next several years. The farm, library and recreation center will each receive 25 percent of the settled trust and the other two groups will receive 12.5 percent of it.

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Anne Tanenbaum
1995 - $10 million to the University of Toronto and four hospitals for the study of molecular genetics, neurosciences, and degenerative diseases. The donation is believed to be the largest of its kind in Canadian history.

Juliana Curran Terian
2007 - Ms. Terian donated $5 million to Pratt Institute, New York to help construct its Design Center. The Center will house the institutes of communications, fashion, and industrial and interior-design programs. Ms. Terian is chairman of the Rallye group, an automobile dealership in Roslyn NY.

Ruth Price Thomas
2001 - A resident of Aurora, NY, Mrs. Thomas left a bequest worth more than $40 million to two institutions of higher education and five other nonprofit groups. Cornell University in Ithaca, NY and Wells College in Aurora will each receive approximately $20 million for endowment. Mrs. Thomas died in August 2001. She had founded a company in New York that designed retail displays. Her husband was Leonard Brinton Thomas, who worked in the legal department of pharmaceutical manufacturer, Pfizer.

Anna Bryant Thompson
2004 - Donated $10 million to Emory and Henry College, Emory, VA for a scholarship fund. Ms Thompson, who owned a dress shop in Richmond, VA died in November 2003 at the age of 98. Her father had attended Emory and Henry College.

Flora L. Thornton
2006 - Donated $5 million to the University of Southern California - Los Angeles for a new building at the Thornton School of Music. Ms. Thornton is a trustee of the University.

Joan Tisch
1994 - $1 million to the United Jewish Appeal Federation AIDS Initiative (NY)

Clara Toppan
2006 - Bequeathed 160-acre ranch to the University of Wyoming in Laramie following her death in 2001. A certified public accountant, Ms. Toppan graduated from the university with a bachelor’s degree in accounting in 1931. He ranch, which has been sold for $16 million, was located near the Grand Teton national park in Wilson Wyoming. The proceeds will support the university’s rare books library and endow scholarships for undergraduate accounting students as well as student athletes.

Ruth A. Trout
2005 - A 1936 graduate of Dickinson College (Carlisle, PA), Ms. Trout left a bequest in excess of $5 million to the college to endow the purchase, exhibition and preservation of art works at the college's Trout Gallery. The gallery was established in 1983 though support from Ms. Trout and her sister. A teacher and librarian for the Harrisburg School District in Pennsylvania, Ms. Trout died in 2004.

Annie Vogel Tschoepe
2003 - Mrs. Tschoepe made a bequest of at least $4 million in land and other assets to Texas Lutheran University (Seguin) to support the construction of a building for the College of Professional Studies. She died in March, 2002.

Lucy Tull
2006 - Ms. Tull left $5.3 million to Salisbury University (MD) to endow scholarships for nursing and pre-medical students. The gift will also fund faculty development and equipment in the nursing department. Ms. Tull, who inherited her money, died in 2006 at the age of 95.

Anne C. Twaddle
2005 - Donated $1,033,266 through a bequest to the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Boston). The gift will be used for the Angell Animal Medical Center. Ms. Twaddle died in 2002.

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Katherine Leidy Unger
2004 - A high school English Teacher, Ms. Unger donated $3.5 million for the Hoover Library at McDaniel College (Westminster, MD). She is a 1932 graduate of the college.

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Margaret Varney
1997 - $17 million to Kalamazoo, Michigan area nonprofit organizations in her estate. Principal beneficiaries of the trust include:

  • Bronson Health Foundation, which receives more than $4 million

  • Kalamazoo College, which receives approximately $3.87 million in unrestricted support

  • Olivet College, more than $1.5 million in unrestricted support

  • the First Congregational Church of Kalamazoo, more than $1.5 million for endowment support.

Gail Patrick Velde
2004 - Ms. Velde, who died in 1980, left $1 million from her estate to provide scholarships and honoraria to members of the Delta Zeta Foundation (Oxford, OH). An actress, she was a former vice-president of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Caroline Cramer Voss
2002 - Ms. Cramer made a $2 million bequest to the University of Southern Colorado (Pueblo) for music scholarships. She was a music store owner with her late husband and was a private investor.

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Gladys and Honey Waldman
2006 - The sisters donated $1.5 million to Emerson College (Boston) to endow a professorship in theater arts. Honey Waldman is a 1946 graduate of the college. She is the owner of the Bouwerie Land Theater in New York City and the Helen Hayes Performing Arts Center in Nyack, NY.

Madam C.J. Walker
(1867-1919) Entrepreneur, philanthropist and social activist and the daughter of former slaves, Sarah Breedlove Walker created jobs and economic opportunities for thousands of women and men through the hair care and cosmetics company she founded in 1905, and is considered the first self-made American woman millionaire. Walker used her wealth to support many social causes, organizations and institutions that improved the lives of women and African Americans, including the NAACP, the YMCA, the YWCA, and several colleges and schools.

Helga Wall-Apelt
2006 - An art collector and resident of Sarasota, FL, Ms. Wall-Apelt pledged at least $8 million and a collection of art works to the John and Mabel Ringling Museum of Art at Florida State University in Sarasota. The total value of the gifts is expected to be more than $50 million, including the value of the art, cash donations and other money she had pledged to support the gallery's operation. Ms. Wall-Apelt has requested that the cash donation be used to help the museum expand its facilities and be added to the museum's endowment.

Haya Wallace
2006 - Ms. Wallace, who died in April 2006, left a $4 million gift from her estate to endow professorships in writing and reporting at the School of Journalism and Communication at the University of Oregon. The gift includes art and artifacts from Ms. Wallace’s collection which will go to the university’s museum of art. Mr. Wallace, a journalist, was a 1950 graduate of the school of journalism. He died in 2004.

Martha Walter
2002 - Left an unrestricted bequest of $2 million to the University of Dayton (Ohio) to build a center for visual and the performing arts. She inherited stock in Bank One (formerly Winters National Bank) from her father.

Barbara Walters
2002 - Donated $1 million to Sarah Lawrence College for the visual-arts center. She is an alumna of the College.

Helen R. Walton
2006 - Mrs. Walton, who is the widow of Sam M. Walton, founder of Wal-Mart, has donated $20 million to the University of the Ozarks, Clarksville, AK. Her gift will create a teacher education program, support new faculty positions and establish both a loan and scholarship fund. It will also supplement the University's endowment fund.

Margaret Murray Washington
(1865-1925) Founder, National Association of Colored Women, Washington,D.C. 1896

Florence Weaver
2006 - Ms. Weaver, a librarian at BF Goodrich in Richfield OH, left a $3.8 million bequest to the Summa Health System of Akron, OH. The gift will support cardiac treatment and research at Akron City Hospital. Ms. Weaver’s husband, Wilfred, had undergone heart surgery at the hospital.

Virginia Frances Webb
2007 - Left a $1 million bequest to Baylor University Waco, TX to establish an endowment for the Martin Museum of Art and Mayborn Museum’s Traveling exhibit Program. A retired teacher who lived in Texas, Ms. Webb died in 2005 at the age of 95.

Virginia Webbert
2006 - Ms. Webbert, who died in 2004, left a $2.7 million bequest to Wellesley College, MA for financial aid for students majoring in economics or music. Ms. Webbert was a 1935 graduate of the college. A resident of Washington, she served as the Indonesian desk officer for the U.S. Commerce Department.

Reverend Marta Sutton Weeks
1996 - $6 million to the University Of Utah for a new College of Mines and Earth Sciences building.

Pauline Evetts Weinberger
2006 - Ms. Weinberger, who died in 2002, left a $2.8 million bequest to the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. The bequest will provide clinical and research programs. Ms. Weinberger, a resident of Dallas, was the wife of Adolph J. Weinberger, the founder of a company that became part of the Eckerd Drugs chain.

Carole Weinstein
2007 - Donated $9 million to the University of Richmond (Virginia) to support the international studies program. A former trustee, Ms. Weinstein graduated from the university in 1963 with a bachelor’s degree and in 1977 with a master’s degree - both in English. She is vice chairman of Weinstein Properties, a real estate management firm in Richmond.

Virginia Weiss
2005 - Ms. Weiss of Baltimore donated $2 million to the Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore) for a new heart institute. The institute will be housed in a cardiovascular and critical-care facility

Margaret Wepner
2007 - A retired executive secretary in Illinois state government, Ms. Wepner died in 2005 at the age of 91. Through a bequest from her estate she left $1.1 million to endow a professorship in political science, a faculty excellence award, and scholarships.

Doris Hageman Whalen
2002 - Ms. Whalen donated $1.2 million to Oregon State University for scholarships and for the library.

Mary Mildred Whalen
2006 - Ms. Whalen, who died in 2004, left a $6.3 million unrestricted bequest to the Santa Rosa Children's Hospital Foundation in San Antonio, TX. She had been an elementary school teacher in San Antonio.

Meg Whitman
2002 - Ms. Whitman donated $30 million to Princeton University for a new residential college.

Eleanor Elkins Widener
1911 - $3 million to Harvard University to build the masterpiece of the University's library system, Widener Library

Audrey L. Wilder
2003 - Widow of the filmmaker Billy Wilder, she donated $5 million to build a movie theater at the UCLA Hammer Museum that will hold public screenings of films in the university's film and television archives.

Blanche Willner
2003 - Ms. Willner's family made a $1 million gift in her name to Weizmann Institute of Science (Rehovot, Israel). The gift will support academic programs for high school students, scholarships for graduate students and scientific research. Ms. Willner died in September 2002. Her husband, Albert, is president of the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science, in New York.

Marcia Belmar Willock
2006 - Made a $1 million pledge to the State University of New York at Oswego to endow a professorship in finance. She earned a degree in elementary education at the university in 1950. A resident of Cumberland Foreside ME, she is an investor.

Louise Wheelock Willson
2004 - Ms. Willson, whose family founded Pioneer HiBred International, a seed-producing company in Des Moines that was purchased by DuPont, left bequests totaling $21 million to 12 organizations. Most of the bequests were designated for arts organizations, including: $5 million to the Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts, Hartford, CT and to the Madeira School in McLean, VA, from which she graduated in 1948. She also donated $2 million to the New Britain Museum of American Art, in Connecticut. The following groups each received $1 million: The Connecticut Opera Association, Hartford, CT; Hartford Hospital; The Hartford Stage Company; the Hartford Symphony Orchestra; the Norfolk Chamber Music Festival in Norfolk, CT and to the Westminster School, Simsbury, CT.

Penelope Perkins Wilson
2005 - A resident of Malvern PA, MS. Wilson donated $5.8 million to Bennington College (VT) for campus improvements. She is a trustee of the college and is the owner of The Grand, a hotel in Big Timber, MT.

Rosemary Wilson
2005 - Donated $5 million to the Juilliard School, New York City, for its capital campaign. She is the widow of the composer Meredith Wilson, a Juilliard alumnus.

Oprah Winfrey
2006 - Ms. Winfrey donated $50 million to the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation, Chicago, to pay construction and operating costs for the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls - South Africa, in Henly-on-Klip, South Africa. The private academy is designed to serve grades 7 thorough 12 and incorporate leadership education in a rounded liberal-arts curriculum.  The academy, which opened in early 2007, will help women prepare to take leadership roles in South Africa.

In addition, during 2006 Ms. Winfrey donated $5.9 million to Oprah’s Angel Network in Chicago for operating costs. She established the nonprofit organization in 1998 to encourage other celebrities and her fans to donate to charity. She pays the organization’s administrative costs so all money donated from others can go directly to charitable causes. Ms. Winfrey donated an additional $2.4 million to other nonprofit groups.

Other gifts from Ms. Winfrey include:

2004 - $1 million to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, Cincinnati, OH.
1997 - $1 million to A Better Chance
1997 - $1 million to Morehouse College for fund scholarships
1995 - $1 million to Spelman College to bolster the study of environmental biology, atomic physics, laser spectroscopy and synthetic chemistry
1994 - $1 million to Providence - St. Mel School in Chicago
1989 - $1 million to Morehouse College to fund a scholarship
1994 - $3 million to Hull House in Chicago

Eula Goss Wintermann
2001 - Through her estate, Ms. Wintermann donated property valued at $4.5 million to the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston for support of programs.

Maude Woods Wodehouse
2003 - Real estate heiress Maude W. Wodehouse left a total of $122 million to 16 charitable organizations and schools in Hawaii, where she owned a ranch on the Island of Hawaii. The widow of Cenric N. Wodehouse, whose grandmother founded the Victoria Ward real estate company in Honolulu, Ms. Wodehouse died at the age of 87 in July 2003. The couple had no children.

Ms. Wodehouse bequeathed charitable trusts to the following institutions:

  • $18 million to The Bishop Museum, Honolulu to endow the museum which specializes in natural history, culture and natural resources in Hawaii.
  • $18 million to the Punahous School (Honolulu) for faculty support for programs at this college preparatory school. Ms. Wodehouse graduated from the school in 1933.
  • $9 million to the Hawaii Community Foundation (Honolulu) to support programs that help prevent child abuse and neglect.
  • $9 million to the Nature Conservancy of Hawaii (Honolulu)
  • $2 million to the American Cancer Society Hawaii Pacific.
  • Additionally, the estate created a $6 million charitable remainder trust to benefit the Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders Association (Honolulu), the American Red Cross-Hawaii State Chapter (Honolulu), Christ Episcopal Church (Kealakekua, HI), the Daughters of Hawaii (Honolulu), the Hawaii Lions foundation (Honolulu), the Hospice of Kuna (Kailua-Kona, HI), the Institute for Human Services (Honolulu), and the Iolani School (Honolulu).
  • Hawaii Preparatory Academy (Kamuela) and the Hawaiian and Pacific Islands Division of the Salvation Army (Honolulu) have also received trusts from the estate, but declined to reveal the size of their gifts or how they will be used.

Emma Carola Woershoffer
(1885-1911) $750,000 to Bryn Mawr College, her alma mater

Julie A. Wrigley
2007 - Ms. Wrigley donated $10 million to Arizona State University (Tempe) to endow four professorships in renewable - energy systems, sustainable business practices, global environmental change, and complex-systems dynamics. Ms. Wrigley is president of Wrigley Investments, Sun Valley, ID. The company invests in stocks, hedge funds, and fixed income securities. In 2004, Ms. Wrigley gave $15 million to establish Arizona State’s Global Institute of Sustainability of which she now serves as co-chair. He late husband, William, was president of the William Wrigley, Jr. Company, the chewing gum manufacturer in Chicago.

Dr. Frances Wu
1997 - $1.5 million to the University of Southern California School of Social Work to establish the Chinese-American Gold Age Association - Dr. Frances Wu Endowed Chair, the first endowed chair in the School of Social Work. Dr. Wu is a retired social worker and founder of the Chinese-American Golden Age Association.

Dorothea E. Wyatt
2008 – Left an $8 million bequest from her estate to the University of Michigan – Flint. Ms. Wyatt was one of the university’s original faculty members and a professor emerita of history. The gift will endow a professorship in history, support scholarships and faculty research, and help create connections between the history program and the communities in and around Flint.
Ms. Wyatt died in 2007 at the age of 98.

Dot Wyatt
2007 - Ms. Wyatt donated $1 million to the Cape Fear Botanical Garden (Fayetteville, NC). The gift will be used for expansion of the facility including a new visitors’ Pavilion, exhibits, and educational programs. She is Vice President of Valley Auto World, a car dealership started by her late husband, John, in Fayetteville, NC.

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Kristi Yamaguchi
1995 - At least $10,000 to the Women's Sports Foundation

Peg Yorkin
1991 - $10 million to establish the Fund for a Feminist Majority

Lenor Zeeh
2007 - Donated $1 million to the University of Wisconsin at Madison to support the Lenor Zeeh Pharmaceutical Experiment Station. The station will be a research and development laboratory at the university’s School of Pharmacy. Ms. Zeeh is a retired director and vice president of Rennebohm Drug Stores in Madison.

Helen Zell
2005- Ms. Zell donated $5 million to the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor to increase graduate student fellowships and stipends in the M.F.A. program in creative writing. Her gift will also create a fund for the Zell Visiting Writers Lecture Series, and will endow the directorship of the creative-writing program. Ms. Zell, whose money stems from investments, graduated from the university in 1964.

Marilyn Ziering
2006 - Donated $3.25 million to the Los Angeles Opera to produce a series of music performances by composers affected by the Holocaust, including Franz Schreker, Viktor Ullmann, Kurt Weill and Alexander Zemlinsky.

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