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"A New Foundation." The New York Times. October 4, 1995. (Rona Jaffe's foundation to help new, young writers)

Abelson, Reed
"Our Portfolios, Ourselves. Sisterhood is Enriching, Women Investors Find." The New York Times. October 15, 1995. p(p): 1, Section 3 (The creation of the 008 Club, a women's investment club in New York City)

"AAUW Extends a Hand to Help Women and Girls." Foundation & Corporate Grants Alert. September 1995. p(p): 1

"$1.75 Million Donated for Balanchine Fund." The New York Times. October 10, 1994. p(p): C14

Adams, Michael Henry
"A Mansion with Room for the Great and the Humble." The New York Times. August 29, 1991. p(p): C6 (Villa Lewaro, the home of Mme. C.J. Walker, the first black woman American millionaire)

Alexander, R.
"At Duke, A Women's Studies Archivist." The New York Times. March 23, 1993. p(p): A21 (Sallie Bingham's $750,000 gift to endow the position of women's studies archivist at Duke University)

"Alumna Brings 'Information Highway' to Pine Manor College, Boston." Press release from the college. June 1995. (An anonymous alumna's $2 million gift to the women's college to network academic, residential, library and administrative computing and to link the College to external information sources)

"Alumnae Associations." The Chicago Tribune. July 25, 1993. p(p): 1 (Brief notice about the establishment of the Council of 100 at Northwestern University)

"Alumna's Gift is College's Biggest." Associated Press State and Local Wire. December 18, 1998. (The announcement of a gift from Nancy King [Manhattanville '66] for books to the college)

Ambrose, J.
"If One Hurts, All Are Hurt. Former Teacher Continues to Pass Out Wisdom with Funds to Reach Wider Audience." The Chicago Tribune. February 12, 1995. p(p): 3, Section 6 (Mary Caroline "Twink" Frey's work with the Nokomis Foundation which she created to fund programs for women and girls)

Anderson, J.
"Kip Tiernan: Providing Love, Support to the Homeless." The Christian Science Monitor. May 5, 1983. p(p): 15 (Kip Tiernan, the founder of Rosie's Place in Boston, MA)

"Angel's Wings Registered to Kroc." The Grand Forks Herald. May 19, 1997. (Identification of Joan Kroc as the anonymous donor of $15 million to the citizens of Grand Forks, ND after the spring '97 flood)

Antonelli, Judith S.
"Jewish Women Realize Potential as Philanthropists." The Jewish Advocate. November 23, 1995. p(p): 27

Arenson, Karen
"Jong Helps Barnard Help Others Start Writing." The New York Times. September 20, 1996. p(p): B1 (Erica Jong's gift to start a writing program at her alma mater)

"As United Way Contributions Decline, Workplace Giving to Alternative Charities Grows." U.S. Newswire. December 15, 1993.

Askew, Judith S.
"Helping Others Help Themselves: An Interview with Mimi Silbert." Hemispheres. February 1996. p(p): 17. (Interview in the United Airlines magazine with the founder, president and CEO of Delancey Street Foundation in San Francisco. The foundation is a rehabilitation residency facility.)

"At Home with Camille O. Cosby: A Private Woman, A Public Cause." The New York Times. December 15, 1999. p(p): C1 (Camille Cosby, spouse of celebrity Bill Cosby, talks about her active interest and philanthropic projects. The couple has granted millions to universities and organizations like the National Council of Negro Women.)

Atchison, Sandra
"Now, It's 'Sister, Can You Spare a Dime?'." Business Week. January 29, 1990. p(p): 58

"Audrey Geisel Gives $1 Million toward Dr. Seuss Memorial." Press release from the Springfield (MA) Library and Museums Association. (Gift from the widow of Theodor Geisel [better known as Dr. Seuss] to his hometown.)

Auletta, Ken
"In the Company of Women." The New Yorker. April 20, 1998. ("Behaving like a woman was supposed to be bad for business, but the female executives of the entertainment and information industries are turning it to their advantage.")

"Avon Launches Multi-Year Breast Cancer Awareness Crusade." PR Newswire. September 20, 1993.

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Bailey, A. L.
"Creating Alliances to Combat Global Poverty." The Chronicle of Philanthropy. June 4, 1991. p(p): 6 (The Synergos Foundation, founded by Peggy Dulany, and its work)

"A Grant Maker Fights the Right." The Chronicle of Philanthropy. September 7, 1995. p(p): 9 (Profile of Margaret C. Ayers, executive director of the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation and her work)

"A New Leader for the Ford Foundation." The Chronicle of Philanthropy. January 12, 1995. p(p): 6 (Profile of Susan Berresford)

"New MacArthur Fund Chief Blends Expertise in Higher Education and Foreign Relations with a Family Background in Philanthropy." The Chronicle of Philanthropy. November 8, 1988. p(p): 13 (Profile of Adele Smith Simmons)

Bakken, Ryan and Mark Silva.
"Angels Wings Registered to Kroc." Grand Forks Herald. May 19, 1997. (Flood Victims 'Angel' is McDonald's Heiress); free summary available through Philanthropy News Digest. Vol. 3, Issue 20. May 21, 1997.

Baldridge, Charlene
"Sallie Bingham: Patron Saint of Santa Fe." American Theater. October 1995. (A profile of the playwright, novelist and philanthropist who has contributed to the artistic efforts of the Santa Fe Stages theater company by providing financial support for its productions.)

Bamford, J.
"America's Top 50 Women Business Owners." Working Woman. May 1994. p(p): 39 (The third annual listing by Working Woman magazine)

"The Working Women 50." Working Woman. May 1995. p(p): 37 (The fourth annual listing of America's top women business owners)

Basinger, R.
"What's This About Women's Ways of Asking." Fund Raising Management. November 1993. p(p): 28

Bates, K. G.
"Women in Philanthropy." Lear's. December 1989. p(p): 32

Beason, Tyrone
"Goodbye, Prince Charming. Daughter of Co-Founder of H&R Block Enlightens Women with Tale of Riches to Rags." San Jose Mercury News. April 7, 1998. p(p):14C (Barbara Block Stanny's work with women to get smart about money)

Belcove, Julie
"Damsels in Distress." W magazine. May 1996.

Belkin, Lisa
"How Breast Cancer Became this Year's Hot Charity." The New York Times Magazine. December 22, 1996. (Cover story)

Bennett, L.
"Giving 'Til It Helps." The Detroit Free Press Sunday Magazine. July 4, 1993. p(p): 4 (Mary Jo Pulte and the establishment of the Michigan Women's Foundation)

"Beth Israel Deaconess Receives $15 million Bequest from Fanny Halt Ames Estate; Gift is Largest Ever Made to Boston Hospital." Boston Globe Online staff. April 2, 1998. (The largest single bequest ever made to a Boston hospital. The medical center said the gift was unrestricted, a rarity among gifts of this magnitude.)

Beyette, B.
"Feminism, Philanthropy: Fighting the Funding Gap." The Los Angeles Times. May 13, 1988. p(p): 5

Bilimoria, Diana and Piderit, Sand Kristin
"Sexism on High: Corporate Boards." The New York Times. February 5, 1995. p(p): F11

"The Billionaires . . . and Many Are Women." Fortune. September 9, 1991. (Cover story)

Binet, Betsey
"Women's Presents." UCLA magazine. Fall 1995. p(p): 14 (Annals of Philanthropy column, "Cultivating the Other 51 Percent")

"Women and Philanthropy Strives to Tap New Resources for Charitable Dollars." UCLA Today. October 27, 1995.

Bingham, Sallie
"Growing Up Rich." Ms. June 1986. p(p): 48

Blau, E.
"Saving Books from the Paper They're Printed On." The New York Times. November 27, 1994. (Barbara Goldsmith's donation to the New York Public Library and her work as a social historian)

Bleakley, F.
"Broker's Generosity Generates Business, Worries Wall Street." The Wall Street Journal. July 7, 1992. p(p): C1 (Muriel Siebert, the first woman to own a seat on the New York Stock Exchange)

Blumenstyk, Goldie
"New Head of Ford Fund's Education Program is Champion of Women and Minority Students." The Chronicle of Higher Education. December 9, 1992. p(p): A27

Bonfante, Jordan
"Lady Power in the Sunbelt." Time. March 19, 1990. p(p): 21 (The mayor of San Diego, Maureen O'Connor, publisher, Helen Copley, and philanthropist, Joan Kroc)

Boyle, Jacquelynn
"A Foundation of Their Own. State Group Lets Women Help Women. " Detroit Free Press. December 29, 1997.

Brant, Martha
"Far Beyond White Gloves and Teas." Newsweek. April 25, 1994. p(p): 57

Braus, Patricia
"Generous Women." American Demographics. July 1994. p(p): 51

"Will Boomers Give Generously?" American Demographics. July 1994. p(p): 48

"Breast Cancer Prevention: Socialite Takes Field by Storm." The Chronicle of Philanthropy. December 12, 1990. (Nancy Brinker's work fighting breast cancer)

Jensen, Brennen
“Tulane U Faces Lawsuit Over Allegations That It Failed to Follow Donor’s Instructions.” Chronicle of Philanthropy, June 1, 2006. p(p): 26, vol. XVIII, no. 16

Bridgman, Mary
"A Gift for Giving." The Columbus (OH) Dispatch. September 27, 1996. p(p): 1F (Four women donors, Louann Crane, Ruth Deacon, Margaret Hines and Molly Caren Fisher talk about their philanthropy. The article also describes the work of Jerelyn Schulz, Dean of the Ohio State University School of Human Ecology, to encourage students to be donors.)

Brill, M.
"Socially Responsible Fund Proves Firms That Do Good Also Do Well." The Boston Globe. December 11, 1995. (Janet Prindle and the Neuberger & Berman Socially Responsible Fund)

Brillant, E.
"Fund Raising al Femminiles (Fund Raising as an Empowerment Strategy for Women)." Democriazia Diretta. (7 [2-3]): p. 74. April-September 1992.

Brissett, Jane and Spear, Joe
"The Mission - and Deep Pockets - of a Feminist Publisher." Corporate Minnesota Report. January 1996. p(p): 22 (Joan Drury, owner and publisher of Spinsters Ink, a feminist press in Minneapolis)

Brody, D.
"Family Philanthropy: Womanly Consideration." Foundation News & Commentary. May/June 1994. p(p): 36

Brooks, A.
"Money in the Hands of Women." Smith Alumnae Quarterly. Spring 1994. p(p): 8

Brown, Tiffany
"Women's NGOs Mushroom in China as Social Problems Intensify." Agence France Presse. August 29, 1995.

Brozan, N.
"Chronicle" column. The New York Times. July 14, 1994. (Announcement of Anne Hendricks Bass's $1.5 million gift to Vassar College)

"Chronicle" column. The New York Times. December 16, 1995. (Announcement of Sara Lee Schupf's gift to Skidmore College to establish a professorship in honor of her late father, Charles Lubin, the founder of Kitchens of Sara Lee. The chair will strengthen the opportunities for women in science at Skidmore.)

Buckley, Christopher
"You Got A Problem?" The New Yorker. December 4, 1995. p(p): 80 (Profile of Eppie Lederer [Ann Landers])

Buckley, M. L.
"A Chronicle of Fair Ladies." Harvard Today. May 1959. p(p): 7

Bumiller, Elizabeth
"A Conflict of Money and Politics." The New York Times. November 3, 1996. p(p): 47 (Patricia Duff, "Top Fund Raiser has Another Role: Billionaire's Wife.")

"Out of the Shadow of a Noted Family Name." The New York Times. May 28, 1998 p(p): A28. (Peggy Dulany, "one of the Cousins, as the fourth-generation Rockefellers are known" and her work founding Synergos, a small Manhattan-based nonprofit group that works to alleviate poverty in the developing world.. ")

Bundles, A'Lelia
"Madam C.J. Walker-Cosmetics Tycoon." Ms. July 1983. p(p): 91

"America's First Self-made Woman Millionaire." Radcliffe Quarterly. December 1987. p(p): 11

Butterfield, Fox
"As for That Myth About How Much Alumnae Give." The New York Times. February 26, 1992. p(p): B6

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Cahill, K.
"The 250 Richest Women in Britain." Business Age. October 1992. p(p): 1

Calhoun, S.
"New Ways to Lead." Foundation News. November/December 1987. p(p): 24 (The story of the establishment of Women and Foundation/Corporate Philanthropy)

"The Campaign for Radcliffe." Radcliffe Quarterly. Summer 1996. p(p): 6

Canadian Women's Foundation
"Women and Men Donors: The Same, but Different." Canadian FundRaiser. May 27, 1999. Women philanthropists are motivated differently from their male counterparts, a distinguished panel of women agreed.

Caputo, Richard
"Women as Volunteers and Activists." Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly. June 1997. p(p): 156-174

Carson, Emmett
"The Contemporary Charitable Giving and Volunteerism of Black Women." New York, NY: Center for the Study of Philanthropy/City University of New York, Graduate School and University Center. 1987.

Chamberlain, M. and Bernstein, A.
"Philanthropy and the Emergence of Women's Studies." Teachers College Record. Spring 1992. p(p): 556

Chaplin, Heather
"Philanthropy's New Power Look." Equity. Spring 2000. (Self-Made Women and Feisty Inheritors are Restyling the World of Charity in Their Own Image)

Churcher, Susan
"Making It By Doing Good." The New York Times Magazine. July 3, 1988. p(p): 16

Chambre, Susan M
"Philanthropy." in The Encyclopedia of American Jewish Women. Routledge, in press. 1997.

Cleaver, Joanne
"Not on Board." Crain's Chicago Business. Extra supplement. January 29, 1996. p(p): X11 (An article about prominent Chicago companies without any women directors on their boards.)

Cleveland, Kathleen Parker
"A League of Their Own; the Junior League Takes Off Its White Gloves." Town & Country Monthly. May, 1993. p(p): 70 (Article about the work and changing image of the modern Junior League)

Cohen, Muriel
"Archives Will Highlight the Work of Jewish Women." The Boston Globe. June 1, 1997. p(p): C9 (The work of Gail Twersky Reimer, founder, and the establishment of a collection documenting the lives of influential Jewish women thorughout the centuries.)

Collier, Sophia
"Street Smarts; at the age of 21, with no capital and minus an MBA, the author decided to take on Pepsi and Coke." The New York Times Magazine. June 21, 1988. p(p): 74 (Sophia Collier, the creator of Soho Soda)

Collins, Laura A.
"Women Leaders: Challenges and Solutions." Profit. April/May 1999. p(p): 69-71

Columbia, David Patrick
"Love in a Rich Climate." Quest. April 1994. p(p): 26 (Patricia Duff, founder of Show Coalition)

"Manhattan's Most Wanted." Quest. June 1994. p(p): 38 (Quest Magazine's list of some of the "most eligible women in New York")

Conover, Kirsten A.
"Women Step Up to the Plate As Influential Philanthropists." As women gain financial clout, they are targeting new causes and changing the way charities do business. The Christian Science Monitor. July 19, 1996. p(p): 10

Couturier, E.
"Opulent Foundations and Women's Philanthropy in Colonial Mexico." New York, NY: Center for the Study of Philanthropy/ City University of New York, Graduate School and University Center. 1987.

Crain's Chicago Business
Extra. January 29, 1996. (This supplement to a regular edition of Crain's profiles "Chicago's Most Influential Women," "Ivory Powers: Climbing Higher Education's Ladder," and "Not on Board by Joanne Cleaver")

Critz, D.
"Women as Givers and Getters." CASE Currents. July 1980. p(p): 16

Crutchfield, Leslie
"From Genteel Voluntarism to Political Activism: Women in Nonprofits." Radcliffe Quarterly. Winter/Spring 1995. p(p): 24-25

Cumbler, J.
"The Politics of Charity: Gender and Class in late 19th Century Charity Policy." The Journal of Social History. Volume 14. 1980. p(p): 99-111

Curtis, Charlotte
"The Gregarious Ann Getty." The Boston Globe. October 8, 1985. p(p): C9

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Danforth, K.
"Out with a Bang." Foundation News. January/February 1993. p(p): 22 (Irene Diamond's work at the foundation she and her husband established)

Davis, A.B.
"Foundation Targets Women as Donors and Receivers." The Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN). June 27, 1995.

de Azavedo, C. M.
"Philanthropy and Brazilian Women's Movements." New York, NY: Center for the Study of Philanthropy/City University of New York, Graduate School and University Center. 1987.

de Cordoba, J.
"Mellon Heir's Labor of Love for Haitians Survives His Death." The Wall Street Journal. January 30, 1995. p(p): 1.

Denzer, D.
"Having a Ball Helping the Needy Makes Philanthropists Feel Like a Million Bucks." Rocky Mountain News. May 8, 1994. p(p): 8 (Five "Women of Distinction" selected by the Rocky Mountain News and the Hyatt Regency Beaver Creek)

Di Mento, Maria
“Foundation Gets Bulk of Heiress's Estate.” Chronicle of Philanthropy, May 26, 2005. p(p.): 11, vol. XVII, no. 16 (Cordelia Scaife May, an heir to the Mellon fortune who died in January, 2005 left the bulk of her estate worth more than $400 million to the Colcom Foundation in Pittsburgh. She started the fund in 1996. In addition to Colcum, three other nonprofit groups were named in Ms. May's will: The Nature Conservancy; The National Tropical Botanical Garden, Kauai, HI; and The International Academy for Preventive Medicine, Warrenton, VA).

Diliberto, G.
"The Politics of Genius." Mirabella. May 1994. p(p): 100 (Adele Smith Simmons and the MacArthur Foundation)

"Discrimination Against Women in Philanthropy." WIN News. Winter 1992. p(p): 78

"Donation Aids Abused Women." The Newark Star-Ledger. December 15, 1994. (Gift of William and Carol Simon to a Morris County, NJ shelter for battered women)

Donley, M.
"Doing Well By Doing Good." Crain's Chicago Business. May 1994. p(p): 16 (Nonprofits forging links with entrepreneurs)

Downey, M.
"Women are Starting to Open their Checkbooks and Donate, but They Still Lag Behind Men." The Atlanta Journal and Constitution. July 30, 1992. p(p): C1

"Doyennes of Philanthropy."
The New York Times, editorial column. December 21, 1996. (In praise of Brooke Astor and Irene Diamond and the work of their foundations.)

Dreifus, C.
"Sisters Act." Town & Country. May 1994. p(p): 102 ("The women of the philanthropic world are taking charge - and channeling money directly into women's causes.")

Dulany, Peggy.
"Philanthropy as Synergy." In "Taking Giving Seriously." 1994. p(p): 59

Dundjerski, M.
"Focusing Philanthropy on Women." The Chronicle of Philanthropy. April 20, 1995. p(p): 6 (The Ms. Foundation, which got people to take their daughters to work, also tries to influence grant makers)

"Paying Attention to Women; UCLA finds that female donors often felt ignored by fund raisers; new efforts bring in more gifts." The Chronicle of Philanthropy. February 23, 1995. p(p): 31

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Earley, Sandra
"The Woman Who Wants to Save the World." Corporate Report Minnesota. June 1996. p(p): 43 (Marjorie Kelley, founder and publisher of Business Ethics magazine)

Ellers, F.
"Lucille Little Gives Transylvania $1 Million for Performing Arts Center." The Courier Journal. October 6, 1993. p(p): 1B

"Emily's Helping." The Chicago Tribune. February 14, 1993. p(p): 1 (A notice about the formation of Emily's List UK, a version of the U.S. organization, Emily's List)

"Empowering Black Women: The New York Coalition of 100 Black Women." Black Philanthropy. March/April 1995. p(p): 16 (Black Philanthropy is a bimonthly newsletter available from The Corporation for Philanthropy, Inc., PO Box 3092, Oakton, VA 22124-9092)

Epperson, Sharon E.
"Death and The Maven; A Recluse's Gift to A University Reveals Her Astonishing Expertise in Playing the Stock Market." Time. December 18, 1995. p(p): 61 (Anne Scheiber, who invested wisely and then donated much of her fortune to Yeshiva University)

Erlandson, Robert
"Biggest Gift for Small College; $1.25 million gift is left to Catonsville school." The Baltimore Sun. October 27, 1997. p(p):1B (Grace M. Platzer's estate gift to Catonsville Community College)

Evans, Judith
"Alumnae Who Give - and Now Get; the Trade-Off for Women's Donations Is Campus Power." The Washington Post. January 17, 1997. p(p): A1

"Exploring Women and Philanthropy. An Interview with Gwinn Scott." Marts & Lundy Counsel. Summer 1998. p(p):1 (Marts & Lundy, 1200 Wall Street, Lyndhurst, NJ 07071. Telephone 201-460-1660)

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Fabrikant, Geraldine
"Brooke Astor Closing Her Charitable Foundation." The New York Times. December 18, 1996. p(p): A1

Farnham, Alan
"How They Give Their Money Away." Fortune. September 7, 1992. p(p): 92

Feldman, L.
"Company of Women: Spurred on by a Research Paper, 11 Women Formed a Foundation That Has Raised $1 Million for Agencies that Serve Women and Girls." The Los Angeles Times. October 21, 1994. p(p): E6

"Female Entrepreneur Donates $1.1 Million." The Denver Post. November 3, 1995. p(p):B-2 (Carol Grever Gray, co-founder of Express Temporary Service, makes gift to the Denver Community Foundation and the Naropa Institute)

"Feminist Philanthropist to the Rescue!" Ms. January/February 1994. p(p): 72 (Box and photo of Sandy Lerner, Seattle-based computer entrepreneur)

Ferrer, S. H.
"A Closet Full of Confidence." The New York Times. August 12, 1995. (An article on Suited for Success, a non-profit organization in Coral Gables, FL, that donates suits, shoes and accessories to women for job interviews, etc.)

"$5 Million Donated to Utah Museum." The Salt Lake Tribune. January 11, 1998. p(p): D3 (Phyllis Cannon Wattis' gift to the Utah Museum of Fine Arts)

Fix, J. L.
"Wealth in New Hands." Foundation News and Commentary. January/February 1994. p(p): 18

Flanner, Janet
"Ladies in Uniform." The New Yorker. July 4, 1943. (Profile of Alice Throckmorton McLean, founder, American Women's Voluntary Services)

Flint, Anthony
"A Prescription for Philanthropy." The Boston Globe. April 28, 1996. p(p): 1 (Jane Hirsch, the founder of Copley Pharmaceuticals, in Quincy, MA and her husband, Mark and their philanthropy)

"Forum Addresses Issues Related to Women in Philanthropy." Philanthropy Matters. Indiana Center on Philanthropy. Fall 1992. p(p): 5

"Foundation Invites Women to Seminar on Fund Raising." The Commercial Appeal (Memphis). October 3, 1995. (Women's Foundation of Greater Memphis seminar)

Freligh, R.
"Self-Knowledge Helps Activist Effect Change in Community." The Plain Dealer. May 30, 1995. p(p): 1E (Ruth Spencer of Cleveland, OH)

Frost, J. and Frost, Y.I.
"Diversity in Fundraising." International Philanthropy. July/August 1995. p(p): 2 (An interview with Maria Elena Noriega, a consultant in Mexico, and Charles Stephens of the Center on Philanthropy)

French, J.
"She Primes the Pump; City's Quiet Woman of Philanthropy Honored." The Plain Dealer. November 11, 1993. p(p): E7 (Jane Kirkham, recipient of the Creative Philanthropy Award of the [Cleveland] Women's Community Foundation)

Friedman, J.
"The Founding Mother." The New York Times Magazine. May 2, 1993. p(p): 50 (Profile of Ellen Malcolm, founder of Emily's List, the Democratic fund raising group for women)

"Fundraisers Often Disregard Potential of Women Donors." Hospital Fundraising. October 1993. p(p): 89

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